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• Accommodation on the Danube: "There are enough hotels located both in the mainland and on the island.

• Accommodation on the Black Sea: More than 180 recreation centers.

• River fishing: Here in the pre-protected area, where more than 100 species of fish live, no fisherman will be left without a catch, a mosquito bite and fresh air.

• Sea fishing: Sea fishing enthusiasts can take their gear with them and go for local trophies.

• Hunting: Wild boars and roe deer, raccoons and muskrats live in the Danube Delta, 350 species of game birds attract hunters from all over Ukraine.

• Excursion programs: Boat trips are an integral part of any trip to Vilkovo.

• Food: local fish cuisine, Moldovan cuisine, Bulgarian cuisine ...

• Wine: Winemaking is an ancient tradition of all times and peoples. Vilkovo has its own requirements and traditions of making intoxicating drinks.



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