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"CheapHouse" Hostel

"CheapHouse" Hostel
The network of cheap hostels/dormitories is one of the leaders in the sale of beds in Kiev.

We try to provide the most comfortable accommodation in our hostels, putting in the first place the needs of people in it.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kyiv


Hostel "In Chocolate"

Cozy and comfortable hostel near the railway station in Kiev. Comfortable conditions, hot tea and coffee are waiting for you.

Travel company "Феєрія мандрів"

Ukrainian travel company that offers exciting and quality tours around the world.

"Medobory" Resort

One of the most famous balneological resorts in Ternopil region and all of Ukraine, has its own natural healing factors: hydrogen sulfide and sodium chloride water, sulfate-hydrocarbonate swamp and blue clay.