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First Ukrainian Charitable Foundation

First Ukrainian Charitable Foundation
Charitable organization "First Ukrainian" Charitable Foundation
The activities of the organization are aimed at supporting the relevant areas that the state can not fully cope with to provide all the necessary units. In particular, the public initiative deals with providing military units with the following high-tech means: aerial reconnaissance, control systems, radio-technical reconnaissance and fire-fighting devices. Volunteers make organics unmanned, road vehicles, purchase system software and tablets for artillery units, silencers for weapons



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine


Контрамарка Хелп

Countermark Help - Ukrainian entrepreneurs who have developed and exported products for the automation of ticket service (mticket, esport, kontramarka). But the war came. Since then, volunteering has been our top priority, our contribution to a speedy victory. We focus our efforts on providing targeted humanitarian and logistical assistance to citizens, the Armed Forces and the SRO, hospitals and patients.

Chernivtsi City Charity Foundation

Chernivtsi City Charitable Foundation "Mercy" - a public organization

Online charity platform Monofund

We are a fund of funds. The purpose of the foundation's project is to cooperate and help other charitable foundations and organizations.