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Agronom Journal

Agronom Journal
Journal of modern cultivation of crops. Selected articles on advanced crop technologies, information on the latest achievements in the fields of agronomy, agriculture, agrochemistry, seed production, selection, plant protection, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, storage of agricultural products, best practices of agronomists.



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Work for students "Studlava"

Service for finding work or part-time work for students, as well as for people looking for part-time work.

Training center "Start Today"

Training center "Start Today" proposes the courses of earthly movs, beauty and health, specialization of education and training before the health.

"Prykarpattia" football club

Official site of "Prykarpattia" football club. Current team news, match calendar, current standings and team lineups. Information about youth football teams, their coaches, youth match schedule and tournament standings.