• All applications are processed manually. Sites are posted only after verification by the administrator.
  • The site administrator can edit, move, or delete from the directory any sites without mandatory explanation.
  • Only sites that have a Ukrainian-language version, are located in the international (.com, .net, .org, etc), Ukrainian (.ua or any regional,, etc) are accepted into the catalog. domain zone.
  • Only sites that do not contain propaganda, violence, racial hatred, pornography, etc. are accepted into the catalog.
  • The site should be placed in the appropriate thematic section.
  • The title of the site must begin with a capital letter.
  • Individual words should not consist only of capital letters, except for abbreviations and common abbreviations.
  • The title should not end with an exclamation mark or other punctuation marks.
  • The title should not contain unnecessary characters, letters, numbers, site address.
  • The title should not contain phrases and words such as "best site about…", "this site is dedicated to…".
  • The title may not use pseudo-graphics, space-separated letters, emojy, or any other characters that make it difficult to read the text.
  • The description of the site should be logically connected, complete and describe the site as clearly as possible.
  • The description of the site should not contain general phrases such as "this site contains information…", "we want to offer you…".
  • The description should not contain any contact information.
  • The description should reflect exactly what the user can find on the site.