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Tech Exim Group

Tech Exim Group
For 9 years on the market, we have gained a reputation for honest and responsible manufacturers and maintain trusted relationships with partners.

We use energy saving technologies, high quality components and materials designed for a long service life.

In our developments, we always involve the experience of converters, scientists and other experts.
Automation of production, sorting and logistics are the directions of the company. We are a technology partner, we help to pump your business and bring it to a new level of development. We create automation equipment: conveyors, calibrators, complete production, sorting and processing lines, as well as what you need to successfully launch your business.



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Area: All Ukraine


Manufacturer of baby carriages Anex

Manufacturer of baby carriages. Stylish, comfortable and reliable strollers for children.

Artika Company

Компанія «Артіка» - пропонуємо широкий вибір зовнішніх та внутрішніх сонцезахисних систем.

Arlekin - Textile Design Studio

One of the best salons in Lviv, where you can buy beautiful curtains, drapes, cornices, order curtains and other textiles. Our team brings together professionals who love their work.