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Repair and construction company FULLHOUSE - we provide a full cycle of work, from the implementation of the construction plan to the complete delivery of the object with the desired interior. We have all the necessary resources and extensive experience in the renovation of apartments on a turnkey basis, and the construction of different types of cottages. By contacting us you can be sure of the quality of our work.



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Area: Lviv


Online store "Klyamra"

The store of brass products and author's leather belts "Klyamra" offers a wide range of high quality products.

Комфорт Люк

"Comfort Luk" (Hatch) is a Ukrainian manufacturer of invisible hatches on gas shock absorbers. We help people to aesthetically close any opening in their home: on the floor, wall or ceiling.

Tech Exim Group

Tech Exim Group is a reliable manufacturer of equipment for the processing and transportation of raw materials, which, based on its own processing experience, has been able to achieve great results in the food industry.