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The company "Motorimpex" is engaged in the selection and sale of hydraulic equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. We also provide services for the design, production and installation of hydraulic systems, laying pipelines and putting systems into operation; modernization and adaptation of old hydraulic systems for modern imported equipment; warranty and post-warranty service of hydraulic systems. There are many distributor certificates from world famous hydraulic manufacturers.

Products offered:
hydraulic pumps;
hydraulic motors;
oil coolers;
filters for hydraulic oils;
oil stations;
hydraulic valves;
filtering and filling stations;

Convenient payment, quick selection of equipment for the client's conditions, high-quality service - we are ready to provide all this at your first request!



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Area: Kharkiv



HEMZ is a supplier of large electric motors and generators for various production units. Among the consumers and customers of the plant's products: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises, power plants, mines and quarries, machine-building plants, woodworking enterprises, as well as the oil industry.

Energy Group Invest

The company sells and manufactures electrical products.

Online-Metalbase Barn

Barn is an online store that allows you to instantly order metal.