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Products manufactured by the company have a high technical and technological level and in some cases surpass the analogues of foreign companies.

Product range:

- Large DC electric motors P2Sh; P2; P2PM (power from 110 to 12500 kW). Designed to work with drives with high overload capacity and a wide range of control.

- Synchronous motors (alternating current). Power 800-2500 kW of the SDE2 series; SDSS; MS-325. Are applied to a complete set of converting units of excavators and drives of other mechanisms. Are intended for work from an alternating current network with a voltage of 6000 and 10 000 V.

- Asynchronous electric motors (low-voltage and high-voltage) with short-circuited and phase rotor of the AKN series; AKNZ; AN; ANZ; AKD; AKDZ; AKZO; AT; ADZ; AT20; АВЗ-2; AKDE with power from 315 to 2000 kW; series 2MA36 and "UKRAINE" with a capacity from 315 to 2000 kW - explosion-proof.
With high technical potential and relying on a powerful production base, the plant "HEMZ" produces electric motors on individual orders.

Also our enterprise makes services:
- machining of large parts according to individual drawings;
- filling of bearings with babbitt;
- armature and rotor balancing;
- longitudinal-planing work of 6000 mm * 3000 mm;
- sandblasting of any surfaces.



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine



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