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ToBe Store

ToBe Store
Tobe was founded in 2005 with a single and unchanging mission - to take care of the next generation by dressing up a beautiful mother!

We are manufacturers of stylish and high quality clothes for pregnant and lactating women. All stages of production are under constant strict control, from the development of the concept and patterns for each model, ending with the selection of seams and fittings.

Our team of designers and designers constantly monitors the latest fashion trends, adapts and reflects them in new collections, creating not only comfortable and practical, but also relevant clothing today.

Creating a multi-brand online store with a wide range, we pursued a specific goal - to collect all the necessary products to support pregnancy and motherhood in a large convenient area, and enable our wonderful customers to buy quality things without wasting much time and effort.

We offer not only home-made clothes, but also the necessary accessories for mom and baby, furniture and special cosmetics.

The main achievement of the Tobe team is a successful, stable and competitive company that never stands still, constantly evolving, opening new opportunities and horizons for themselves and their customers!

We love our business and our charming clients, so one of the items on our list of activities is the organization of interesting and informative leisure - seminars, workshops, where there is always a light friendly atmosphere, there is an exchange of useful information and 100% positive energy!



Mobile: Present

Area: Dnipro


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