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ТМ Ozone

ТМ Ozone
TM Ozone is a Ukrainian manufacturer of underwear and home clothes. Produces briefs, bracelets, seamless underwear, pajamas, nightgowns, bathrobes, leggings and more. Own production in the city of Dnipro, from design to tailoring. Innovative equipment, quality materials and qualified specialists ensure a high level of production.



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Area: All Ukraine


Wholesale shoes Khmelnitsky

Online store selling rubber shoes wholesale. We are located in Khmelnytsky on the market.


The production company Profforma offers uniforms and workwear exclusively from high-quality professional fabrics.

Wooden furniture from the "New Classics" company

Wooden furniture for home, apartment or office, the quality of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer "Nova Klasika" with fifteen years of experience, which has hundreds of grateful and regular customers who appreciate luxury and expensive furniture.