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Rock Side

Rock Side
The main specialization of our company is the production of paving slabs, road and sidewalk curbs, which means that when you buy a tile from us, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product made on German-made machines. We produce tiles in various types and colors. Our products are manufactured using vibrocompression technology. Paving slabs made in this way are very durable, perfectly tolerate any weather conditions, and have increased resistance to aggressive environments. It is thanks to these properties that it is recommended to lay paving slabs at gas stations and industrial areas with the movement of trucks.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kharkiv


Busel Prykarpattia

Representative of the company "Busel" in Western Ukraine, which specializes in wholesale and retail supply and processing of sheet glass and mirrors in a wide range.

Agro-industrial group

The history of the "Agroindustrial Group" company began in 1999. Since then, the active development and activity of the enterprise for the production of building materials, which provides a huge range of services, has not stopped.

Harpoon Lviv

The company has been installing stretch ceilings for 12 years. We have our own factory. We use only certified materials. We work under contract.