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"AtomTravel" weekend tours

"AtomTravel" weekend tours
AtomTravel is a company of like-minded people who have united around the idea of organizing mass hikes, tours and excursions in Ternopil region, the mountainous regions of the Carpathians.
We organize, conduct tours, hikes and excursions, offer excursions and tours of different levels of difficulty, with us even untrained tourists will find an interesting route among the offered.



Mobile: Present

Area: Ternopil


Excursions from Kozak Ruslan

Individual excursions from Kozak Ruslan in Kamianets-Podilskyi and around the city: Khotyn, Bakota, Kryvche, Bohyt, Nyrkiv.


Everything you need to know about the Ukrainian Carpathian's activities and entertainment. Interesting Carpathians places description, the list of the hotels, and the colorful local cuisine.

Virtual reality club "VR Motion"

The VR Motion Club features the most advanced equipment and newest technologies in VR development: VR glasses from HTC Vive, game vests with tactile feedback KOR-FX, 3D RUDDER foot sensors and 2 DOF Giromotion overload platform.