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Virtual reality club "VR Motion"

Virtual reality club "VR Motion"
The VR Motion Club features the most advanced equipment and newest technologies in VR development: VR glasses from HTC Vive, game vests with tactile feedback KOR-FX, 3D RUDDER foot sensors and 2 DOF Giromotion overload platform. With us, you will feel the vibration from a machine gun shot, the full sensation of walking in the game space, as well as overloading when driving a racing car or flying a combat aircraft.

For you, we have created a virtual reality space in the central part of the city of Kiev, 50 meters from the Kontraktova Ploshcha metro station. Every day, we try to create the best gaming atmosphere for you and delight you with top gaming developments from around the world.

We have made sure that you are as comfortable and cozy as possible, so all players receive disposable helmet masks for absolute hygiene.

In addition, our club hosts regular contests and promotions for our regular customers.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kyiv


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