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Walks through Kremenchuk

Walks through Kremenchuk
The site contains information about historical, cultural, architectural and natural objects of Kremenchuk: monuments, buildings, burial places, parks and squares, objects of nature reserve fund.



Mobile: Absent

Area: Poltava


Virtual reality club "VR Motion"

The VR Motion Club features the most advanced equipment and newest technologies in VR development: VR glasses from HTC Vive, game vests with tactile feedback KOR-FX, 3D RUDDER foot sensors and 2 DOF Giromotion overload platform.

Artist Petro Ryaska

The site presents painting, drawing, performance, visual poetry, video and other practices.


Everything you need to know about the Ukrainian Carpathian's activities and entertainment. Interesting Carpathians places description, the list of the hotels, and the colorful local cuisine.