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Kyiv Rock Club

Kyiv Rock Club
Information portal for fans of rock music, which allows you to keep your hand on the pulse of rock's life in the capital.

The resource also contains up-to-date information on recording studios, rehearsal facilities, as well as equipment repair and tuning, training courses, festivals and shops.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kyiv


Online Radio Club

Online radio is a very convenient service for listening to your favorite music for those people in whose settlements the FM broadcast of your favorite stations does not work. On the site you can find almost all online radio stations in Ukraine. All stations, for ease of search, are divided into categories of music and country of origin.

Virtual reality club "VR Motion"

The VR Motion Club features the most advanced equipment and newest technologies in VR development: VR glasses from HTC Vive, game vests with tactile feedback KOR-FX, 3D RUDDER foot sensors and 2 DOF Giromotion overload platform.


The information resource is dedicated to the culture of reading and the art of book publishing.