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Artist Petro Ryaska

Artist Petro Ryaska
The site presents an archive of paintings by the artist Peter Ryaska. Thematic painting (series, canvas, acrylic, oil...) series of drawings (paper, oil pastel, pencil, felt-tip pen, acrylic...). Thematic performance. Visual poetry - samizdat. Video and other practices.



Mobile: Absent

Area: Uzgorod


Walks through Kremenchuk

Information about historical, cultural, architectural, natural objects of the city of Kremenchuk. Historical and modern photographs.

Excursions from Kozak Ruslan

Individual excursions from Kozak Ruslan in Kamianets-Podilskyi and around the city: Khotyn, Bakota, Kryvche, Bohyt, Nyrkiv.

Fan fiction

Fan fiction in Ukrainian, originals, poems. Directions and fandoms for books, movies, music and games.