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krainaU greeting portal

krainaU greeting portal
Portal of birthday greetings, weddings, wishes and many others, as well as many useful sections: health, beauty, mother and child, image, diet, recipes, finances, etc.



Mobile: Absent

Area: All Ukraine


SHOSHO is a new Ukrainian social network

Why think “WHAT will people say?” If you can ask here and now.

Ukrainian portal Secret Sich

On the portal you can find such rubrics as History of Ukraine, Shop of Ukrainian things, Ukrainian fairy tales, About life for young Ukrainians, Traditions and customs, photo album and forum.

Shkarpetkova Lavka

The online retail store "Shkarpetkova Lavka" has been delighting its customers with stylish and high-quality goods since 2018. In such a short period of time, we managed to win the appreciation of customers.