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Vito Store

Vito Store
It all started with the Foldy bottle, which still impresses with its functionality and compactness, but then it grew into something bigger. We ourselves began to change, we began to become Eco, without realizing it ourselves. And we had an idea and a mission: to reduce the waste of every Ukrainian by 10 times. However, we understand that it should be easy and tasteful. It should be beautiful.

That's how VITO STORE was born. And in fact, it is very nice to be a part of something bigger and to realize that even small steps affect changes in the country and the world.

Become Eco together with us, become Eco together with VITO.



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine


Granite sinks

Representation of the Ukrainian manufacturer of granite sinks Aquacomposite.

Mebli City

Mebli City has been active in the Ukrainian furniture market for more than five years.

Online store Fairy Tale History

Online store of children's toys Fairy Tale History. Sale of baby carriages and goods for children, educational and didactic games.