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To buy veterinary equipment from us means to provide high efficiency of work and excellent return on investment. Deliveries of goods are made from companies whose products have proven themselves around the world. The warranty on the equipment is from 12 to 24 months. We also service and repair medical and veterinary equipment.

The range includes an excellent selection of products for livestock complexes. It has everything you need to help the mother, care for the young and its proper cultivation. For example, you can order infrared lamps, tools for determining the content of immunoglobulins in colostrum, devices for removing horns, etc.

As a direct supplier, Ukrvet provides the optimal price of veterinary equipment while guaranteeing the authenticity and high quality of goods. There are additional opportunities to buy at a reduced price. For example, as part of promotions or large orders, the cost, compared to the original, can be significantly reduced.



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Loft Lviv

Loft is an online store of unique and modern tables. Our goal is the production and sale of quality and durable furniture made of natural materials.

Top Stride

TOP STRIDE - a store of stairs and goods for home and office More than 4,000 items are available to order! We specialize in stairs for indoor and outdoor installation on the second floor. In addition, we offer thousands of items for children and adults, home, office, work, study, recreation and development. With our catalog you will create comfort in the house, pick up gifts, please children and solve hundreds of other household tasks. We have our own suppliers, shipments on weekdays and attentive consultants.

SmartEra - a store of accessories for smartphones and more

SmartEra is an online store of accessories for phones, tablets, smart watches.