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Silver Style

Silver Style
Jewelry Online Shop Silver Style works directly with the best manufacturers in Ukraine and Europe. Each piece of jewelry goes through several stages of quality control, including the State Assay Control Inspectorate, after which it goes on sale.

The Silver Style Jewelry Online Store offers a huge range of silver jewelry for every taste. In the catalog you will find both classic jewelry made of silver, jewelry with a combined metal of gold and silver, as well as fancy collections produced at jewelry enterprises specially by order of TM Silver Style. All jewelry presented on the site are in stock, which allows you to place an order and receive it as soon as possible.

In the Silver Style online store you will find everything you need, while staying as close to your home as possible.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kharkiv


OBERIG - Shop-workshop needlework

Goods for needlework. Schemes, threads, beads, fabrics, sets for embroidery, blanks of clothes and paintings for embroidery with beads and threads, diamond mosaic, accessories for needlewomen. High quality goods, quality selection of threads and beads, fast delivery throughout Ukraine.

Aqua Crystal

Aquacrystal online store - sells plumbing, showers, pumping equipment and various bathroom accessories from leading manufacturers. We offer a wide range of quality and proven products at affordable prices in Ukraine.


Fast delivery of goods for the cottage, garden and vegetable garden.