ProElectro is an online store of electric vehicles №1 in Ukraine. Online shopping. Internet. Free white directory of Ukrainian sites

ProElectro is an online store of electric vehicles №1 in Ukraine

ProElectro is an online store of electric vehicles №1 in Ukraine
The most popular electrotransport.
More and more often, on the streets of Ukrainian cities, there are a variety of types of electric vehicles. If a few years ago, electric transport was a curiosity, today it is the most common attribute for everyday use. The most common types of urban electric transport are:
Electric scooters
Electric bicycles
Electric scooters

Electric scooters
They are very popular among people of all ages. Both teenagers and elderly people are happy to ride them. Most often, scooters attract buyers with their compact size. They can be easily stored in a city apartment and transported by car.

The range includes models with different types of batteries and wheel diameters, so this electric vehicle can be used for riding in city parks and rough terrain.

Electric bicycles

Who among us doesn't like to ride a bike? Walking is especially pleasant when the two-wheeled "steel horse" is equipped with an electric motor. Most often, a wheel motor is used, which has good torque and runs quietly.

Models for every taste are presented in the catalogs of our online store: with a folding frame, city, road, mountain, children's. Bicycles can operate in two modes: classic and electric.

There is also a pedaling assist mode, when the electric motor is turned on only at certain times to help the cyclist. Models differ in cost due to battery types, options, frame materials and other specifications that affect range, torque, lifting capacity and many other parameters. More detailed information is available on the corresponding page.

Electric scooters

If you are looking for the best electric transport for the city, then take a look at such an option as electric scooters. This category of electric vehicles is distinguished by greater power, power reserve, and maneuverability. They differ from ordinary scooters on internal combustion engines in work, in that they are driven by an electric motor, which is powered by a battery.

Electric scooters are of different types, differ in power, and are equipped with batteries of different capacities. For example, according to the type of construction there are: miscooters, full-size, city, SUVs, tourist, sports. When choosing an electric scooter, it is important to understand the conditions under which it will be used.


Gyroboards are increasingly seen on the streets of different cities. If you are looking for electric vehicles for children, then this category of goods will be the best choice. Gyroboard is a platform for legs, divided into two parts, each of which has a wheel. Thanks to modern electronics, the board can be operated intuitively. On a gyroboard it is easy to maintain balance, maneuver, change the speed of movement.

Gyroboards refer to individual electric vehicles, and the above term unites all modifications of electric vehicles operating on a gyroscopic balancing system: unicycle, segway, gyro scooters, gyrocycles.


A hoverboard is a type of self-balancing electric vehicle equipped with a battery and various sensors that facilitate vehicle control. Externally, the gyro scooter resembles a skateboard, only it has two wheels on the right and left sides. Thanks to the built-in lighting, it can be driven even at night.

Gyro scooters are distinguished by their maneuverability, compact dimensions, which is ideal for urban conditions, environmentally friendly, like other types of transport powered by electricity. In addition, when riding a gyroscooter, the rider will always be in excellent physical shape, since certain muscle groups are involved during the ride. If you decide to buy an electric vehicle, then this option is one of the most affordable. The range includes models for children and adults.

Benefits of electric transport

Both in Ukraine and all over the world, electric transport remains in trend and is especially popular in big cities, where huge flows of road transport do not provide an opportunity to move freely. Today, even in small towns, there are special “filling stations” where you can recharge your bike or board. In addition, electric vehicles have many other advantages:

Environmental friendliness - there are no exhaust and other harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Efficiency - the owners of such equipment do not have to spend their money on fuel and expensive maintenance.
Quiet - specially designed motors are not audible in street conditions.
Long service life - if the transport is properly looked after, it will last for many years.
Compactness. Its small size allows it to be driven on roads, sidewalks and even inside shopping centers. You will forget about traffic jams forever.



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