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Embroidered clothing store

Embroidered clothing store
In Kramnitsa embroidered clothes You can add inexpensive and inexpensive embroidered clothes, inexpensive children's embroideries, textiles, ritual towels too. The mandate with the vivid traditional virobs of vibaglivi clients can know for themselves and their close bounty, unrepeatable, unrepeatable odeag, and the actions of virobi are presented in one specimen. The admiration of the vіkous information with modern technologies nadaє the dress of the unversioned viglyad and the fatigue-free savor of the viper. Virobi, vzdolenі vishivkoyu, zіgryut to collect yak soul, so and tіlo.



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Family Jewels

Production and sale of products for clergy and church service, made in compliance with all religious norms and canons - goods for clergy and church service.