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On our Kofeeko website you will find the same item for the same place, for your kitchen.

And in order for what you need to appear in your kitchen in the near future, we provide you with a convenient website, easy purchase, fast delivery, and most importantly democratic prices! We make the chain between producer and consumer as short and simple as possible.

And to make it not only useful but also interesting for you, we blog on Instagram and Facebook, make newsletters with interesting articles, good recipes, and reviews of products that our subscribers ask us for.



Mobile: Present

Area: Uzgorod


Trading platform "Ekomora"

Online / Offline marketplace for purchase/sale of new and used goods and services.

Kakadu - Products for children and babies

We started doing children's products 20 years ago in a small but picturesque town with a small market place. They worked for years to open their own store, which initially did not even have enough toys to fill the shelf.

Інтернет-магазин Petko

Online pet store petko.com.ua sells quality pet products from well-known manufacturers. With us you can order food for your pets at the best price and everything you need to care for them.