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Compas company

Compas company
Our advantages: use of only "white promotion" in Google, clear and high-quality audit of the site, analysis of competitors, development of personal promotion strategy, constant monitoring, fixed budget, we provide guarantees for the result. We created sites for the online clothing store SheLovesIt, repair company Kapitel, online store "World of Smartphones" and many others.



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Area: All Ukraine


CITY SITES franchise service

Create a website for your city and make money on advertising. We will create a website for your city and, if necessary, fill it with information, advertise and help make it popular. All you have to do is find advertisers and learn other ways to make money on the site we teach. All income from advertising on the site - yours! It's good if you have computer graphics software and are an "advanced" user. However, not a problem if it is not. We can do a lot of the work for you. We do not just create a website, we offer a ready-made turnkey business, a proven business model that works profitably for many years. You will receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to succeed in this business.

9 DOTS Studio - Website development and SEO

Website development, Technical support and administration, SEO, Website optimization, Contextual and banner advertising, SMM, UX / UI design.

Online store Fairy Tale History

Online store of children's toys Fairy Tale History. Sale of baby carriages and goods for children, educational and didactic games.