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Medical Express Tests Store

Medical Express Tests Store
MedBuy offers high-quality professional rapid tests of various types of well-known European brands Ameda (Austria), Screen Italia and InterMedical (Italy), VitAssay (Spain). Tests are in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tools for use in treatment and prevention facilities. All tests are CE certified. We deliver products throughout Ukraine.



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Drug search and delivery service BudZdorov

Our service delivers the necessary drugs throughout Ukraine using the Nova Poshta delivery service every day. Orders are shipped the same day the product is ordered.

Quick search and delivery of drugs Bud-Zdorov

Search and delivery of scarce medications. It will help you find and bring the desired medicine!

The truth of Veritas

The main competence of the clinic is the unique author's technologies of vascular diagnostics and restoration of blood supply in the human body. Since blood circulation is the basis of all human organs and systems, we have learned to effectively restore blood supply to various vascular basins - brain, liver, kidneys, bones and others.