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Dr.Ali Dental Center

Dr.Ali Dental Center
Dr.Ali Dental Center is a wide range of comprehensive dental treatment for all ages of our patients.

Our physicians use state-of-the-art treatment protocols approved by the European and American Dental Associations. Skills improvement courses are held regularly in Ukraine and abroad.

We care about the comfort of our patients for all ages. We create a friendly atmosphere to achieve the highest quality and long-term results.

In our practice we use only the most modern materials and equipment. As a result, it allows a detailed diagnosis, which ensures safe treatment.



Mobile: Present

Area: Ivano-Frankivsk



Our dentistry is actively working in such areas as: surgical dentistry, therapy, orthopedics and endodontics.

Pediatric dentistry Baby Smile

Our center has become the best place for dental treatment for children. We achieved this by selecting a team of experienced specialists, modern equipment and through the use of the latest methods and materials.

Psychologist and psychotherapist Elena Shevchuk: consultations online and in person in Kiev

Services of a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist and art-therapist – online consultations around the world and in person in Kiev. Huge work experience.