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Pediatric dentistry Baby Smile

Pediatric dentistry Baby Smile
Our center has become the best place for dental treatment for children. We achieved this by selecting a team of experienced specialists, modern equipment and through the use of the latest methods and materials.
Treatment of children in the clinic is carried out according to international protocols.
Strict control of sterility of tools in operation is conducted.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kyiv


Symbiotics Clinic

Ukrainian-British Symbiotics Clinic, Stryj. The clinic provides medical care in the areas - cardiac surgery, cardiology, surgery, orthopedics - traumatology, interventional cardiology, vascular surgery.

Medical transportation of the sick and disabled

Medical transportation of bedridden patients and invalids, between the cities of Ukraine, across Kiev, area, with rise on floors.

The truth of Veritas

The main competence of the clinic is the unique author's technologies of vascular diagnostics and restoration of blood supply in the human body. Since blood circulation is the basis of all human organs and systems, we have learned to effectively restore blood supply to various vascular basins - brain, liver, kidneys, bones and others.