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Cosmetology Si in Lviv

Cosmetology Si in Lviv
Cosmetology offers more than 30 different services and procedures, including:
- Facial cosmetology
- Injection procedures
- Body care
- Laser therapy
- Plasma therapy
- Massage and more.
We offer a free doctor's consultation.



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Area: Lviv


Protect clothing from sweat stains under the armpits

Underarm pads from sweat for clothes, prevent wetting of clothes under the armpits.


MangoTango is a Thai cosmetics store in Ukraine, you can buy a lot of useful things from us: Thai balms from monasteries, herbal teas, a variety of oral care products, creams from the best Thai manufacturers, Crystal deodorants, coconut oil of the highest purity and products of Thai medicine.

Orthopedist traumatologist Roman Gorobets

Orthopedist-traumatologist treats injuries and diseases of joints, arthroscopy, endoprosthetics of knee and hip joints, osteosynthesis.