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MangoTango is a Thai cosmetics store in Ukraine, you can buy a lot of useful things from us: Thai balms from monasteries, herbal teas, a variety of oral care products, creams from the best Thai manufacturers, Crystal deodorants, highly purified coconut oil and products of Thai medicine ...

The products include unique natural ingredients grown in ecologically clean regions.

Choose popular Thai products at affordable prices on our website. We form an assortment based on our own experience (we try it on ourselves), as well as on the basis of feedback from grateful customers.

Our priority is naturalness, quality and application effect. And these three ingredients are present in Thai cosmetics.



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Area: Odessa


Protect clothing from sweat stains under the armpits

Underarm pads from sweat for clothes, prevent wetting of clothes under the armpits.

Cosmetology Si in Lviv

Cosmetology Si is a professional cosmetology in Lviv. Si Cosmetology is more than 7 years of experience in practical cosmetology. We work with top brands. We are grateful to our patients for their trust, because we try to hear them as much as possible.

Invitation for treatment for citizens of Belarus

A medical clinic in Ukraine will invite Belarusian citizens for treatment in the context of the covid19 pandemic. An invitation for treatment will allow you to cross the border from Belarus to Ukraine.