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"Ukrcard" payment services operator

"Ukrcard" payment services operator
One of the leaders in the Ukrainian segment of payment card processing, transaction processing and software development for financial institutions.

- Authorization, clearing and processing of card transactions in payment systems.
- VISA Ins, MasterCard Worldwide, NSMEP, UKRKART.
- Information acquiring (RRO for SFS of Ukraine).
- Connection of ATMs, POS terminals and self-service kiosks. Monitoring the operation of payment instruments.
- Software solutions for retail banking. Specialized software solutions and services.



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine


Leasing company "Tekom-Leasing"

TEKOM-Leasing is one of the flagships of Ukrainian leasing companies in the field of financing road construction projects, industrial facilities and agriculture. The company is the only organizer of shipbuilding projects using leasing in Ukraine.

Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine

The Association is one of the powerful centers of civil society in the field of taxation and finance, an influential partner and advisor to the governement.

Concord Bank

Ukrainian Bank with branches in Dnipro, Kyiv, Odesa, as well as in Lviv, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhia, Novomoskovsk and Kharkiv. It has its own processing center "ProCard", which makes it completely independent in everything - from the issuance of state-of-the-art cards to terminals, from providing bonus systems to super-speeds in payments.