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Leokit - term loan on the card online

Leokit - term loan on the card online
Online credit card loan in Ukraine.

Loan to MFIs without certificates and guarantors. No passport photo. No bail. Loan through ID Bank. New MFIs 2021, registration with a bad credit history.

Online loan - We give money to absolutely everyone, without exception. Approval of 99.9%. Up to UAH 15,000 in 10 minutes. Credit without certificates and guarantors. No calls and checks. Get the money right now. Complete anonymity. Round the clock. Credit for 10 minutes.



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine


CreditOnline24 - card loan

Ukrainian modern high-tech online loan service.

CreditHub - urgent credit to the card online

It is easy to get a loan online in Ukraine without checks and calls. Especially if a person applies for a loan service in microfinance organizations. It is much easier to work with them than with banks.

Customs brokerage services "Impel Co."

Impel Co company provides a full range of services for customs clearance of goods, as well as freight forwarding services by railroads.