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PKCredit offers loans for residential and non-residential real estate.

Main types of loans

PKCredit provides individuals and legal entities with various types of loans, such as:

a loan secured by a land plot;
a loan secured by an apartment;
a loan secured by a private house;
a loan secured by an office;
a loan secured by a store;
a loan secured by a garage, etc.

Conditions for obtaining a loan

Kiev, region and regions of Ukraine - place of collateral
From 50,000 to 1,500,000 UAH - loan amount
From 1.5% per month - loan rate
From 3 months to 6 years - loan term
Up to 15 minutes - we make decisions on the issuance of a loan
Up to 70% of the collateral value - the maximum loan amount

Required documents

Identification code (TIN)
Documents of title

Our advantages

Transparent payment schedule
Early repayment of a loan without penalties
We issue a loan in hryvnia without reference to currency
We work with the register of debtors
We make a deal in 1 hour
The originals of title documents remain with you
We approach delays loyally
On the day of signing the contract, you will receive the amount you need in cash.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kyiv


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