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SadoSvit - offers a wide selection of seedlings for cottages, country houses and garden plots. Many years of experience and systematic careful selection of planting material allows you to offer the best at an affordable price.

Our online store is a solid trading platform where you can buy seedlings of deciduous, coniferous, fruit trees and shrubs, as well as vines conveniently and safely. The site contains high-quality color photographs that allow you to assess the appearance of the plant. All our products are purchased from trusted suppliers.

SadoSvit is not only the sale of seedlings, but also professional recommendations for their selection, planting, further care of plants.



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Magic and the afterlife

On the site you can find 4 categories: Dream Interpretation, Horoscope, Palmistry and Meaning of the name.

Siyko seeds

TM Siyko - seeds of the highest quality from leading domestic and foreign breeders and producers. In the range of vegetable seeds.

Cartoons and animated series via torrent

Cartoons and animated series with Ukrainian translation via torrent for free and without registration.