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Mechanized plaster in Kyiv and the region

Mechanized plaster in Kyiv and the region
If you need Machine (Mechanized) plaster, we are glad to execute qualitatively plaster, a coupler or a turnkey laying of walls in Kiev. Each handed over object (see photo) raises the fighting spirit in the team and the desire to make your order better each time.
Kyiv: Obolon, Zhulyany, Poznyaky, Darnytsia, Brovary, Sviatoshyno, Irpin, Boryspil, Bucha and others.
Our team of plasterers offers not only favorable prices, but also new, professional equipment with which it is pleasant and convenient to work. You will also be surrounded by qualified people who will always be happy to help you. Our team has been competing with the best plaster crews in Kyiv for many years.



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Area: Kyiv


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