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Tucha - cloud service

Tucha - cloud service
Tucha cloud service is a convenient solution for business, accounting and personal purposes.
Using the services of the Tucha service, you can not only establish business processes, but also successfully control your business. Available solutions:
1. Clouds for an online store.
2. Accounting.
3. Hosting Bitrix.
4. Remote office service.



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine


G.M. Partners

Our job is to understand your situation from a legal point of view in order to take legal action to solve a problem of any complexity. JSC "G.M. Partners ”is a team of practicing lawyers and lawyers in Odessa. Each team member has his own specialization, which allows him to provide qualified legal assistance. We are trusted by both legal entities and individuals, because in practice they know that we help even in the most complex legal issues.

Exte - All types of roofing works

Exte company performs all types of roofing works in Odessa at the highest level. We offer roof calculation and roofing works of various types: installation of a rafter structure, site preparation, selection and purchase of materials, installation and all the necessary operations for the turnkey delivery of an object. We can also carry out repairs, periodic inspection and maintenance.

BTL Agency

We offer the client to use the services and means of advertising influence on the target audience, which is available to our advertising agency in Lviv. An integrated approach and the right advertising idea is the key to the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign.