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Decorative plaster "Decor Lviv"

Decorative plaster "Decor Lviv"
We are ready to offer you the services of qualified masters of decorative plaster in the city of Lviv in any field of decorative decoration, including wall art and stucco. Our masters have been creating individual interiors and exteriors for more than 8 years, performing the construction of cottages, complex repairs of apartments, offices and retail space.



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Area: Lviv


Mechanized plaster in Kyiv and the region

If you need Machine (Mechanized) plaster, we are glad to execute qualitatively plaster, a coupler or a turnkey laying of walls in Kiev.

Cakes to order

Contacts of Ukrainian confectioners baking cakes in Ukrainian cities. On the site you can choose a cake and ask for a similar baking.

Sold coins in Ukraine

Purchase of gold and silver coins of tsarist Russia, the world and Ukraine, as well as antique and anniversary coins until 1950.