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Holod Service Stryi

Holod Service Stryi
Sale, installation, design, repair of refrigeration equipment, installation of air conditioners, repair of household refrigerators, refrigeration equipment for shops and supermarkets. Refueling of car air conditioners, spare parts for refrigeration equipment. PE "Kholod Service Stryi" is focused on the highest quality of services provided and meets modern consumer requirements.



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Area: All Ukraine


Lawyer Piddubny Serhiy Vasyliovych

We provide legal services in Kiev and the region. Judicial services, obtaining certificates, business registration, services for foreigners and more.

Garden design Kyiv

Garden design in Kyiv and Kyiv region from the landscape design company "Magic of the Garden".

Sold coins in Ukraine

Purchase of gold and silver coins of tsarist Russia, the world and Ukraine, as well as antique and anniversary coins until 1950.