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"Group SV" customs broker

"Group SV" customs broker
Broker "Group SV" provides customs brokerage services in the city of Kiev and region.

The help of professionals with the necessary legal knowledge and experience in customs document management avoids the loss of time and money and ensures the effectiveness of statutory procedures.



Mobile: Present

Area: Kyiv



Preparation of estimate documentation in accordance with the requirements of ДСТУ Б Д.1.1-1: 2013 "Rules for determining the cost of construction".


The team "Stroy-horizon" is a master of the art of construction and finishing works. We provide services: - Renovation of apartments in Odessa - Overhaul of turnkey apartments in Odessa - Construction of private houses in Odessa

Jury translation in Ukraine (Kyiv)

Jury translation of documents from Polish (Polish / Ukrainian).