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We provide full service of air conditioners in Vinnytsia. Cleaning of the internal and external block, refueling with freon, antibacterial processing, diagnostics. We give recommendations on operation.



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Area: Vinnytsia


BTL Agency

We offer the client to use the services and means of advertising influence on the target audience, which is available to our advertising agency in Lviv. An integrated approach and the right advertising idea is the key to the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign.

Geothermal heating

Geothermal heating is the choice of the year among Ukrainian women. After all, it not only saves your money but also time.

Exte - All types of roofing works

Exte company performs all types of roofing works in Odessa at the highest level. We offer roof calculation and roofing works of various types: installation of a rafter structure, site preparation, selection and purchase of materials, installation and all the necessary operations for the turnkey delivery of an object. We can also carry out repairs, periodic inspection and maintenance.