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Franchising is a business creation process based on a franchise agreement. In turn, a franchise is an already launched business idea that works and makes a profit. By the way, some of the famous franchises are McDonalds and Subway.

We have many relevant offers available for purchase and sale. A franchise in Ukraine is a profitable investment, as their variety is increasing every day and everyone can find a suitable option according to their interests and budget.

On our website, franchises are divided into categories: shops, real estate, catering, clothing, training, bakeries, restaurants, travel agencies and much more. We have an extensive catalog and a quality franchise. Ukraine gives an opportunity to those who wish to realize their dream!



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Oras Graintrade

The ORAS agricultural company is engaged in purchase, sale, logistics of grain, and also production of compound feeds.


The company "E-charge" is engaged in both the sale of home charging stations and the installation of public charging complexes in popular establishments in the city of Sumy and the region.


Blog. Articles on electrical engineering, electronics, and electricity.