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Independent professional examinations

Independent professional examinations
"NFE" offers services for the organization and conduct of independent professional examinations.
Independent professional expertise is an expert study of the actual circumstances of the business of a customer who needs specialized legal and / or special knowledge by establishing causal links to events that have already occurred and their possible consequences.
The purpose of the service is to form a professional point of view based on the results of expert research of the actual circumstances in the customer's business, experts of different scientific specialties in different fields of science by applying specialized legal and / or special knowledge they have to jointly solve the customer's task. .
The result of the service is an expert opinion drawn up on the form of NFE LLC, signed by the expert (experts) who drew it up, stitched and numbered, certified by an authorized official (stamp "I certify") and stamped by NFE LLC. Depending on the subject of research in the relevant field of scientific and scientific and technical activities, expert opinions are issued as: complex scientific conclusions, scientific and legal conclusions, scientific and technical conclusions and others.
The expert opinion is provided to the customer for adoption by the competent person of the corresponding decision in case of need for this purpose specialized legal and / or special knowledge.
The expert opinion is a private order of the customer, made taking into account the factual circumstances, notified by him in his order and provided documents to confirm such circumstances. The customer bears the burden of responsibility for the accuracy of the documents provided and the information provided by him.



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