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The company "E-charge" is engaged in both the sale of home charging stations and the installation of public charging complexes in popular establishments in the city of Sumy and the region.

The Single portable station allows you to charge anywhere, from a regular outlet, with the same power as the mains allows. You have the ability to manually adjust the power from 1 kW to 19 kW and charge any electric vehicle. The compact, waterproof device can be taken with you and used anytime, anywhere.

I-Station is a new generation of charging stations from AutoEnterprise. This station contains the best solutions in the field of power electronics and is complemented by a modern design.



Mobile: Present

Area: Sumy


Oras Graintrade

The ORAS agricultural company is engaged in purchase, sale, logistics of grain, and also production of compound feeds.


Franchising is a business creation process based on a franchise agreement. In turn, a franchise is an already launched business idea that works and makes a profit. By the way, some of the famous franchises are McDonalds and Subway.

Independent professional examinations

"NFE" offers services for the organization and conduct of independent professional examinations.