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"WestPlast" - Manufacturer of sealants

"WestPlast" - Manufacturer of sealants
We have been working on the market since 2008. During this time, the company has established close cooperation with many consumers in different regions of Ukraine.
Our seals are resistant to weather conditions, UV radiation, oils, lubricants and many other chemical factors. They are physiologically neutral, tasteless and odorless.



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Area: All Ukraine


Euro fences Vivat

The Vivat company is a manufacturing enterprise that produces eurofences, paving slabs and other similar products. Having considerable experience in Kharkov, the company offers high quality products, in a fairly large assortment and at a very affordable price.


SNOK Ltd. is one of the largest companies in Ukraine for tempering, glass processing, production of laminated, bent glass and double-glazed windows.

AZT Slavutich

Production of electronic fuel dispensing, gas dispensing and lubricating dispensers for commercial and departmental accounting.