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Bargen Law Firm

Bargen Law Firm
Today, Bargen is a team of professionals who are ready to come to the aid of their customers at any time. They all came to the company from different sectors (inhouse, law enforcement, top law firms) to use their experience today to protect the interests of Bargen customers.
Lawyers Bargen:
- help build the right legal structure of the business;
- establish contractual work and pre-trial settlement of disputes;
- will represent the company in courts;
- protect before law enforcement and regulatory agencies.



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Area: All Ukraine


Business Consulting

"Business Consulting" Company has many years of experience in the effective solution of legal issues. A qualified team of specialists in the field of jurisprudence and accounting is aimed at high performance.


STROYMARKETtools is a distribution company whose main activity is the wholesale of hand tools for household goods and consumer goods electro-benzo tools.

Royal Garden Landscaping Studio

Landscape Design Studio "Royal Garden" performs landscaping work, design and implementation of landscape design projects, garden care. There is a garden center in the village of Zagvizdya.