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Hypernet - direct supply of telecommunications equipment.

Hypernet network equipment - direct supply and sale. Along with the high quality of telecommunications products, we offer our customers the best prices. Wholesale and retail. Special favorable conditions for partners, online stores and wholesale customers.

Do not overpay, the manufacturer is always cheaper!



Mobile: Present

Area: All Ukraine


Amarant office furniture store

Sale of modern quality office furniture for staff and managers.

Bretta Granit

Bretta Granit is a manufacturer and leader in quality granite kitchen sinks that stay ahead of the competition and meet customer needs.

Anix electronics and electronic cigarette store

Back in 2014, the project leaders decided to visit a vape shop and try an electronic cigarette, and from that moment everything changed. E-cigarettes are a less harmful alternative to smoking that smells good and leaves no odor on your belongings and clothes. People who use vaping (electronic cigarettes and POD systems) are called vapers.