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LeGRAND collection

LeGRAND collection
LeGRAND collection began its history in 2012.

“Business must be beautiful,” we thought, and immediately made a bet on stylish, bright and practical products. The prerequisite was: only high-quality materials and first-class service. Years later, thousands of beloved clients only confirm that we are doing everything right, and therefore we still do not change our principles.

To date, we have collected the best products that are most in demand. A variety of men's and women's accessories, bags, briefcases, purses, purses, as well as wallets and business card holders - this is just a small list of goods that you will definitely like.

Each model has been selected based solely on customer preferences for their sophisticated style and ease of use.

Leather accessories have long become an integral part of a successful person and, perhaps, the most prestigious gift for any occasion.



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Area: All Ukraine


Stretch shoe laces without tying

Shoelaces for children, sports, tourists, people with disabilities.

Furniture Shop

We are a team of highly qualified specialists that has been successfully working, actively developing and improving for 8 years. Thanks to its experience and creative approach to business, our company can realize an order of any complexity and within any budget. We love what we do and value each client, which guarantees the maximum effectiveness of our work.

Imba esports store

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