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IWAY Dried Fruits and Nuts Store

IWAY Dried Fruits and Nuts Store
Health, sports, natural food are becoming trends in modern society. And this is great! The iWAY company fully supports such trends, selling online ecological snacks for healthy and tasty food both wholesale and retail.

The prefix "eco" means that the product does not contain preservatives, harmful substances, it was created without chemical processing. Our natural products from trusted suppliers come from ecologically clean corners of the globe. For example, some dried fruits are produced by freeze-drying (in a vacuum at -80 degrees C), without chemicals and preservatives. This guarantees the safety of 98-100% of biologically active substances, vitamins and microelements.

Habitual and exotic seeds, nuts and candied fruits, thanks to the correct storage and transportation conditions, do not lose their nutritional and taste properties for a long time. You can order any number of useful delicacies online at a very low cost with delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine.



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During the hike down sleeping bags should be transferred in a special cover to protect from moisture. For the summer season it is better to buy tourist equipment with a temperature of about +8, +5. Summer sleeping bags are equipped with 1-2 layers of insulation of different thickness. In sleeping bags for off-season use use two-three layers of a heater, extreme temperature for them makes -2 to -17. Most off-season bedspreads are made in the format of cocoons. Winter sleeping bags are mainly equipped with a down filler, so the extreme temperature of such fillers reaches -35 degrees Celsius.

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