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Monuments in Korostyshev from the manufacturer

Monuments in Korostyshev from the manufacturer
Stone products in Korostyshiv city.

We offer wholesale details of monuments.
We make to individual orders:
monuments, complexes of monuments, fences,
tables, window sills, steps, countertops.

We constantly advise on the products we offer you.
Call. Glad to work with you.

When fulfilling the order, we always apply an individual approach to
wishes and requirements of customers. We pay the greatest attention to the quality of work performed.

At all stages of production we keep in touch with the customer by sending
photos of details of a monument with the executed works for coordination.

Delivery of products through "New mail", and "Delivery" is possible.

We place the order with the Contract for performance of works, and appendix №1 to the Contract.



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