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TM Children's Fashion "Sasha"

TM Children's Fashion "Sasha"
Since 2005, we have dressed over 35,000 boys and girls throughout Ukraine. The main activities are the production of school uniforms, sports jerseys and carnival costumes.

School clothes of our production are clothes in which children and adolescents feel like leaders and are focused on success and results.

Modern trends for school everyday life and after school activities.

Bright, colorful, original carnival costumes are an integral part of every children's holiday.

Stylish suits, tailcoats and tuxedos are adult looks for little gentlemen. An elegant answer to the question "What to wear for an official holiday?"



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Area: Kharkiv



During the hike down sleeping bags should be transferred in a special cover to protect from moisture. For the summer season it is better to buy tourist equipment with a temperature of about +8, +5. Summer sleeping bags are equipped with 1-2 layers of insulation of different thickness. In sleeping bags for off-season use use two-three layers of a heater, extreme temperature for them makes -2 to -17. Most off-season bedspreads are made in the format of cocoons. Winter sleeping bags are mainly equipped with a down filler, so the extreme temperature of such fillers reaches -35 degrees Celsius.


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